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I have grown as a therapist thanks to Hand & Stone. On my first day of massage school, I already knew I wanted to work in a spa. I sent my resume to the Hand & Stone location before it had even opened. I received a call for a job interview the next day. Hand & Stone gave me the opportunity to be a full time therapist straight out of college. Two years later, there is no place I’d rather work.

Hand & Stone is not your typical spa and offers an environment like no other. It is more of a hybrid between a spa and clinic. It has the atmosphere and energy of a spa, while providing the type of therapeutic treatments you could receive in a clinic. We completely customize the massage to the clients’ needs, whether a de-stressing relaxation massage or a rehabilitation based treatment. Hand & Stone believes massage should be part of a healthy lifestyle and as a therapist, provides ample opportunity to deliver this message to clients.

Hand & Stone cares about its therapists. There are workshops to earn CEUs, there is an insurance benefits package and flexible hours. Not only are all my appointments booked for me, the membership program for clients keeps me busy even through slow summer months.

Under Hand & Stone, I have grown from Spa Therapist to Lead RMT to Corporate Trainer. I have been able to work with some internationally recognized therapists like Don Dillon and James Waslaski. I wouldn’t trade the experience I’ve gained with Hand & Stone for anything.


Hand & Stone is hands down the best place I have worked at since becoming an RMT. The environment is stress free, the hours are flexible and the team is like a second family to me. Not to mention the membership based services provide a steady flow of clients. So happy to be part of the Hand & Stone team!

Jacqueline, RMT

Hand and Stone is a luxury spa with high standards and service. Hand and Stone uses the best product line on the market for oils, gels, linens, etc. The rooms are modern and well equipped. The software is easy to use, with immediate information at your fingertips.


Professional! Everything you need is provided.


You feel important working at Hand and Stone. Even though I am an employee, I feel more like my own boss here than any other place I’ve worked. I feel well respected as an RMT and that makes me very happy. Everything is set up perfectly to accommodate the RMT. Management is caring and accommodating.


You have more opportunity to adapt to each client and their specific needs.


In this spa there is a lot of opportunity to make good money. The staff is very helpful. You get the opportunity to choose your own timetable and pick up additional hours. The clients tip very well. And of course, the boss is amazing!


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